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Want to prep your body up for that summer getaway in the beach? or you just simply want to have that perfectly curved body which is to die for? The safest and most promising solution to achieve that dream bod of yours minus the all the dieting non-sense would be, advanced bodybuilding. However though, we all know that getting into fitness and getting in shape isn’t really a piece of cake; there are a lot of important painstaking activities that involve great discipline which we need to consider. If you are determined enough to kick it off though and get into the routine, it’s high time you start following these five awesome bodybuilding tips that truly work.

Tip #1 Follow the Fundamentals of Bulking Up

A lot of fitness enthusiasts tend to get confused whether they’d go ahead and lift heavy weights for a head start or boost up on some calories first. This has been a subject of debate by many individuals, especially for those who lacks the weight to burn. Many think bodybuilding is a good feat in developing some good abs for those who lacks weight; While others believe that it is necessary to eat a lot of calories first, to pack the body with the necessary fats to churn and burn into muscles. Which is a myth? and which is a fact?

As a general rule, for you to consider cutting down as an initial exercise, your body mass should be above 10%. Though there are some who are a little bit above that mark who managed to pull it off; cutting down if you’re way above 10% is can already be considered as a safe enough index. Primary reason why you should shed off some excess fats first is for superficial reasons: muscles look a lot better when you’re lean.

On the other hand, for the case of skinny people; obviously, bulking up should be considered first. It is important that they pump up their body fats level to a maximum of 10%. For obvious reasons, having no fat would mean having no mass to shape. So, if you’re skinny and want to get into bodybuilding, for starters lift some free weights, eat a lot and have adequate amount of sleep. However, be mindful that you don’t over do eating; keep in mind that the target body fat percentage is at least 10% maximum.

Tip #2 Keep Track of Your Intake

Diet is probably the most controversial part of any fitness training. But, you don’t really need to starve yourself to achieve maximum results. You just have to be aware of how much you are eating rather than what.
For starters, so as to give you an understanding of what is and where do calories come from: one word could all sum it up – fats. Though by definition, Calories are actually the unit of heat energy that the body converts to energy through the virtue of metabolism. It can be sourced from fat, yes, also from carbohydrates and protein. However, fats are packed with more calories, so it is important to be conscious about the amount of fatty food that you eat. Also, calories are usually represented by kcal in the computation of the daily caloric intake.


Tip #3 Make Caloric Conversion to Numbers a Habit

1.) Counting the calories in food is fairly easy; you just have to determine whether the food that you’ll be either is packed with Carbohydrates, protein or fats, and then associate them with these numbers per quantity.
Protein and Carbohydrates: 4 kcal/gramFats: 9 kcal/gram

2.) After knowing the digits behind the amount of food that you eat, it is now time to determine the amount of calorie per day that you need to condition your body for a lifestyle of bodybuilding. For starters, this can be done by calculating your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate): the measurement of the body’s caloric need to maintain its weight. There are many BMR calculation online that could instantly provide you the calculations of your BMR. A BMR calculator will actually need your age, current weight, target weight, height and activity level as the baseline data for the result.

3.) In order to shed off some weight, for individuals who need to cut down: subtract 250 to 500 kcal from your daily caloric intake. In a span of one month, you’d already lose 2 pounds.

Tip #4 Do the Three Vital Resistance and Strength Training

Your fats or muscles won’t really shape up by themselves. Of course, you need to work it out to make it happen. Here are the training exercises that are highly recommended for a bodybuilding workout.

This is the most common form of resistance training. Its main goal is to shorten the length of the muscles during the workout. With the virtue of resistance (may it be from the weight of the dumbbells or gravity), the muscles are built and are toned. A classic example of this type of training the are free weights lifting, push ups and squats; where muscle is flexed against the weight of a heavy or force of a stationary object.

Unlike Isotonic training, Isometric on the other hand contracts the muscle by holding on to a single pose or remaining static. These exercise are often called the “non-movers”. Among the most common form of isometric training or exercises are Yoga and Pilates; these exercises do a lot of stationary poses while bending or stretching a muscle. Basically, a simple stretching is already a form of isometric exercise. This exercise can help strengthen the integrity of the muscles and ligaments.

Isokinetic exercises provide an inconstant resistance towards a constant movement of a limb or muscle. The most common equipment used for this type of exercise is a stationary bike. This training can increase your resistance towards injuries, for it hones the limbs and the muscles to become as versatile as they can be towards a strong and opposing force.

Tip #5 Put Focus on Cardio Exercises

This type of exercise is fairly common, however it provides a vast number of advantages to your health. If you’re a fitness and bodybuilding junkie, not only will it help you shed off some excess fats, it will also help you develop the ff:
~increased energy levels
~regulate metabolism
~control weight

As my mantra goes, there’s no better time to start bulking up now. As such, there’s no better way to bulk up than to follow the five tips that I have just shared to you.

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ASMR Tingling In The Head

ASMR Head Tingles In The Brain

asmr pic profile

ASMR tingles in the head are what most people describe when they are feeling ASMR or the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. This response is generally described as pleasant. The tingling sensation generally is at the back of the head or neck. While ASMR is a relatively newly discovered phenomenon and scientific research is virtually non existent, people have discovered that their are certain noises and visual movements that are more likely to stimulate this response in people.

ASMR Triggers

Popular movements or noises that stimulate ASMR are called “ASMR Triggers.” Popular ASMR triggers include: ear to ear noises where the individual is wearing head phones and can hear noises individually in each ear, certain scratching on various materials, tapping on various materials, role playing, crinkling sounds, and softly spoken or whispered sounds.

How ASMR Relates To Health

Now you may be wondering why we are talking about ASMR on Freedom Blog. Though research is limited, ASMR has been linked to relieving stress and promoting sleep. Since stress is strongly correlated with weight gain as well as many other types of health problems, ASMR is recommended for individuals who can feel it. ASMR also promotes sleep, one of the most important aspects of any fitness regimen. In short, ASMR can help improve your overall health.

A great social media resource for asmr is ASMR Triggers on Twitter and ASMR Triggers On Facebook.

The Life of Bodybuilder Zyzz

Zyzz did not always have the Greek god physique for which he was commonly recognized. In fact as a kid, Aziz Shavershian was quite a skinny guy. The combination of his ectomorphic figure and his high metabolic rate made any kind of weight gain nearly unachievable. Kids in his grade commented on his scrawny figure, which fueled his intention to become big one day. It was after he completed his secondary education he got hooked to the whole fitness and bodybuilding culture. He was inspired to join the local gym by his brother who was an amateur bodybuilder at that time.

Idolizing his favorite bodybuilders Frank Zane and Arnold Schwarzenegger who were both know for their aesthetic physique, he started lifting weight and learning about nutrition. Thus started the journey of the bodybuilder Zyzz. He transformed his skinny figure into a chiseled physique, which would later earn him the name ‘father of aesthetics’. In the next 4 years, he completely transformed himself not just physically but he also changed his style, personality, and attitude towards life. This relatively quick transformation didn’t come easy. He had to toil away 3 to 4 hours at the gym each and every training day to become the bodybuilder Zyzz that his fans will come to idolize. His amazing story has even featured in, where he talked about the diet, supplements, and workouts that resulted in his transformation.


His sudden fame however came from the series of youtube video uploads which featured the Zyzz bodybuilding workout. Zyzz understood the importance of branding himself and started building up his fan base using social media sites and youtube. He got thousands of dedicated fans who were enchanted by his aesthetic figure and his carefree attitude. Zyzz’s hard work had paid off, he came from becoming skinny guy at school to becoming a poster boy for bodybuilding and aesthetics. The experience and knowledge he acquired over the 4 years of training was compiled into a book called ”Zyzz’s bodybuilding bible” and was launched in May 2011. A month later he launched his very own protein label called ” Protein of the Gods” along with a clothing line.


Despite his perfect physique, and his dedicated fan base, Zyzz will forever be infamous for his alleged steroid usage. This is unfortunate as he never confessed or was convicted for using any banned substances. When questioned he consistently defended his image by claiming his physique was result of hard work and strict dieting and not because of steroids. The controversy started when Zyzz’s brother was arrested for carrying anabolic steroids. The media immediately started connecting him to the incident and started a campaign to reveal his supposed anabolic drug use.

His Death

Zyzz’s death was as sudden as his meteoric rise to fame. He was just 22 years old and his death shattered his thousands of fans worldwide. While holidaying in Thailand, Zyzz suffered a massive coronary attack while he was in a sauna. Later the doctors revealed that his death was due to a pre-existing heart defect, which was never diagnosed.


The Life of Bodybuilder Helmut Strebl

Bodybuilder Helmut Strebl is one of the leading fitness models. He is now is his late 40s and has less than 5% body fat. Strebl has won several fitness model contests in the United States and Europe since he began competing in 1995.

Strebl was skinny as a child and his small frame made him an easy target for bullies at school. He started lifting weights to gain enough strength to protect himself from his bullies. He later realized that he wanted to improve his physique and become a fitness model.

He enjoyed weightlifting from the first time he tried it out. His initial weights were five kilos each. Strebl made weights from washing detergent bottles that were filled with water. He started using dumbbells a few years later. Helmut Strebl joined a gym in his neighborhood when he was 16.

Helmut Strebl’s Qualifications

Strebl is a qualified personal trainer, nutritionist, and swimming instructor. He is also a motivation coach and health club manager. He teaches people how to overcome their physical and mental weaknesses to allow them to attain their fitness goals.

Training Schedule

He trains five or six days a week, targeting every major muscle group. Strebl always warms up before training, observes correct posture and form, and breathes properly during workouts. He also stops lifting as soon as he experiences pain. Helmut believes in following his instincts and intensity to achieve his objectives.


Bodybuilder Helmut Strebl eats about five to seven meals in a day. He includes lean protein in each meal. Some of the lean protein he eats includes white fish, beef, chicken, egg whites, and turkey. He also eats a lot of brown rice and sweet potatoes during the bodybuilding season.


He participated in the Miami Pro World Championship in 2014 and won 1st place in the bodybuilding category. Strebl took 1st place in the Muscle Model Over 40 category in the same competition. He got 2nd place in the Open Class Muscle Model Class B.

He was the World Champion Miami Pro 2013 Natural Bodybuilding and the World Champion Miami Pro 2013 Fitness Model Class-Over 40s. He was a runner up in the Miami Pro 2013 Muscle Model-Class B.

He was named champion in the MiamiPro 2012 European Natural Bodybuilding Champion. Strebl also got the MiamiPro2012 European Natural Muscle Model Champion title.

Helmut Strebl won the FAME 2011 European Natural Bodybuilding contest. He was the runner up in the FAME 2011 European Muscle Fitness Model competition.

He was named champion in the European Muscle Model & Natural Bodybuilding competitions in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

He was the Muscle Fitness FAME winner in 2008 and a runner up in the muscle Fitness Model Fame contest in 2005. Strebl was among the Top 20 Finalists in the Men’s Health Competition in 2003.

He won the Gravesend Classic First Timer Bodybuilder in 2002. In 1998, Strebl was named Mr Fitness. He took second place in the Bench Press Competitor in 1997.

In 1996, Helmut Strebl was named Mr Austria. He took the second place in the Mr Europe competition and 11th place in the Mr World contest in the same year.

In 1995, Strebl was the Mountain Bile Downhill & Cross Country champion. He was also the winner in the Mountain Race Cycling Championships in the same year.

He took the first position twice in the United Nations Military Skills competition, which was held in Cyprus in 1995.

Helmut is famous for his lean and cut physique but the Helmut Strebl bodybuilding workout has also really helped set him apart from the others aesthetic bodybuilders. Even though he is a little older now, his muscles are still extremely lean and cut. He still shows off a body that we all aspire to achieve.